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Before legal steroids, no one ever dreamed of toxin-free steroid products. But today technology has made this possible and we can talk about steroid products that help you pack lean muscle without the side effects that worry you. So for the big question, how can you tell if the steroid product you are buying is completely legal?

They are FDA approved

Just because the label reads 'Legal’ does not mean you have to trust the product right away. You have to find out if the supplement in question is FDA approved. The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) long put a ban on the use of steroids in bodybuilding; or any other application for that matter.

This is because the existing steroid products on the market did more harm than good, prompting steroid manufacturing companies to finally be considerate about consumer health. Toxin-free steroids were birthed from this mandate by the US government.

They contain no toxins

FDA approved steroids are now manufactured from completely natural products. Steroid manufacturers have also been forced to use less synthetic chemicals to preserve or catalyze the steroid supplement to work faster. So before throwing the steroid into your check out cart first read the ingredients on the label. If you are buying online, go through past consumer reviews about the said product and find out how it works. Your health and safety should always come first.

They work differently

Legal steroids that work promote rapid muscle gain and shed excessive body fat just like conventional steroids. The different is found in how these two steroid products work. For legal bodybuilding supplements, they are made from a natural ingredient that stimulates the body to produce specific hormones which help in the body building process.

Examples of such approved steroid products in the market are Somatropin and Clenbuterol. Clenbuterol is a steroid supplement with thermogenic properties. Its only purpose is to burn excessive body fat while leaving the muscles untouched. Somatropin is a synthetic version of the natural hormone, HGH, responsible for the body’s growth and well-being. These two steroid products only catalyze an already existing natural process in the body.

Prolonged use causes no harm

Conventional steroids could only be used in a 4week or at most 6week bulking or cutting cycle. But even within this safe zone, side effects still manifested and sometimes even leading to discontinued use before the cycle ends. Toxin-free steroids, on the other hand, are completely safe despite the length of the cycle. FDA approved steroid supplements can be recommended for up to 8 weeks without worrying about any side effects.

Research on the product’s ingredients

How best can you tell how the legal steroid works but to research on what every ingredient does. Most of these ingredient labels say 'All Natural’ but be a bit vigilante and google every plant or chemical used in the product. Anything that stands out as odd should be a red flag or motivate you to check reviews about it.


Legal steroids are FDA-approved and labeled as completely safe for use. However, always do yourself the justice of researching more about the ingredients used. The above-mentioned tips should be a guideline for your search for the best legal steroid on the market today.