Idol Lash Review-Read This Before Buying It!

idol lash

Idol Lash is a good eyelash enhancer that gives you longer, darker, thicker and fuller eyelashes within weeks. In fact, Idol Lash has been clinically proven to boost eyelash density by up to 87 percent in just 5 weeks.

Due to this powerful ability, the manufacturer claims that this serum represents the “biggest innovation ever made in cosmetic science,” and is 100 percent safe, and is also one of the least irritating and easy to use on the market.
Besides it, according to its makers, the serum also works on your eyebrows, and   it has been tested completely safe, and you can apply it in just five minutes flat. Just remove your makeup with a mild cleanser and apply Idol Lash on the lower and upper lash line.

If you’re bit wary about Idol Lash claims, you’re definitely not alone. So when it comes down to it, Idol Lash is definitely the real deal. Consider the following.
Is this serum Clinically Proven to work?

According to the company, an independent third party study found that this eyelash enhancer can:

• Increase eyelash thickness by 87 percent

• Increase eyelash length by 22 percent
• Increase keratin genes

• Provides substantial visible growth.
Are the Ingredients Effective?

It has honey extract, kelp extract, chamomile extract, nettle extract, and alfalfa extract. This eye lash  serum also has large amounts of powerful vitamins, effective proteins, rich minerals, and peptides, as well as many unique agents that stimulate moisturizing and overall rejuvenation.

It has a wide range of vitamins and nutrients that help your hair look better. Similarly honey also strengthens hair follicles for much better growth.
What are Customers Saying ?

Currently Idol Lash is a hot selling item online, and on Amazon. It has hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers. The most common compliment which is cited is a visible increase in thickness and eyelash growth.

This serum is manufactured in Cyprush by Santrinico Enterprises that is based in Larnaca. Although it is not listed in BBB, a quick online research shows that it is one of the best companies that follows all fair trade practices and makes quality products.

The manufacturer of  claims that after four weeks of using this serum, your eyelashes will actually grow up to 32% longer and 82% thicker!

This is definitely a big claim, and of course if 100 percent true, then by simply purchasing Idol Lash and then applying it for four weeks, lots of girls will be able to save a bundle in those fake eyelashes, not to mention the fuss and time it takes to apply and remove them all the time.
Pricing and Refund Policy

Idol Lash has been priced as follows…..

• 5 Bottles: $119.85 plus free S&H

• 3 Bottles: $79.90 plus free S&H

• 1 Bottle: $39.95 plus $96.95 S&H

Regardless of the option you select, Idol Lash offers you a full 90 days refund policy, less S&H, and it also charges a $10 restocking fee. This applies only to products that have not been opened. In order to get a refund, you need to get in touch with their customer service.

Can it Give You Thicker, Fuller Eyelashes?

Consider the fact that Idol Lash offers solid clinical evidence to back its claims, as well as that it uses 100 percent natural ingredients, we can safely assume that it is one of the most reliable product on the market that works, and shows instant results. Visit to read a full review of the idol lash serum.

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